Recycling Makes Cents - YTD 2013 Income and Avoided Cost

Below are the Tons of Material Shipped, Income, Avoided Costs and Total savings generated from Recycling.  

Most items are sold, but glass, asphalt shingles, and gypsum board are exchanged for mixed reclaim. 

Tons of Material Shipped: 576
Income: $24,756
Avoided Cost: $57,169 - Shipping + Tipping Fees @ $99.32/ton
Total Savings: $61,883

There is no direct income for exchanged material, the formula for calculating Total Savings is:

Total Savings = Avoided Cost - (Cost for shipping to CPRC Group - Exchange Value)
Exchange Value is $16.00/ton

Materials Sold

2013 YTD Income and Avoided Cost

Materials Exchanged for Mixed Reclaim

2013 YTD Total Saving and Avoided Cost Using CPRC Group