Select Board


All powers of the Town shall be vested in the Select Board, except as otherwise provided by law or Town Charter. The Board shall provide for the exercise thereof and for the performance of all duties and obligations imposed on the Town of St. George by law. The Board shall be the municipal officers of the Town within the meanings of Title 30-A 2001.10.


  1. The Select Board shall act as the Board of Assessors.
  2. The Select Board shall act as the Fair Hearing Authority for General Assistance Appeals.
  3. The Select Board shall act as the Licensing Authority.
  4. The Select Board shall act as the Hearing Authority for employees and officials over whom the Board has the power of removal from office.
  5. The Select persons may act as deputy Election Wardens.

The Select Board shall appoint individuals to the following offices under the Board's supervision. These offices have a term of one year beginning July 1st.

  • Town Clerk
  • General Assistance Administrator
  • Town Treasurer
  • Health Officer
  • Tax Collector
  • Road Commissioner

The Select Board shall also appoint individuals to fill all vacant Town of St. George Board and Committee offices.

Select Board Representatives

Select Board members are assigned as representatives to specific Town Boards, Committees and Commissions along with local organizations. In this role, they stay knowledgable on the groups key activities and support needs. During scheduled Select Board meetings, each representative has the opportunity to share this information with fellow Board members.

Consecutive Term Limits: 3 full three-year terms

NameTitleTown, Board, Committee, and CommissionTerm Expires / Term NumberPhone Number


Planning Board, Appeals Board

2023 / 3

(207) 372-6904


Conservation Commission

2025 / 1

(207) 372-6534


Budget Committee

2025 / 1

(207) 372-8000


Harbor Committee, Cemetery Committee and Comprehensive Planning Committee

2024/ 2

(207) 372-0602


Georges River Regional Shellfish

2023 / 3

(207) 372-6489