Harbor Committee


The Committee studies and evaluates public and private usage of, and access to, all coastal waters, which include, but are not limited to harbors, mooring areas, non-mooring areas, anchorage areas, non-anchorage areas and all coastal shorelines that comprise the municipality of St. George.

Committee responsibilities include

  • Planning for access to and the future use of the Town coastal waters
  • Proposing regulations or ordinances concerning the Town coastal waters
  • Monitoring the enforcement of coastal waters rules, regulations and ordinances, and the maintenance and care of Town-owned and/or administered waterfront facilities
  • Advising the Select Board on policy matters that may directly or indirectly affect the coastal waters and waterfront facilities of the Town
  • Regularly informing the Select Board of its activities, as well as other appropriate groups, boards, Committees and officials of the Town.

The Harbor Committee consists of five voting members with staggered three-year terms. Two alternate members are appointed for one year terms. The Harbor Committee performs duties prescribed by law, Town Charter and/or ordinance.

To view the meeting minutes of the Harbor Committee for the 10 Cold Storage Road Public Meeting one March 15, 2018, click here and to view the site plan click here.

Board Members

Name Title
Daniel Morris Chair
William Mroz Member
Glenn Hall Member
Michael Cushman Member
David Schmanska Member
Ben Norton Alternate
Peter Henderson Alternate