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(207) 372-6363

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(207) 372-8954

Richard Erb

Town Manager, Treasurer, Town Clerk, Personnel Manager, Assistant General Assistance Administrator, Deputy Registrar of Voters, Local Health Officer, Road Commissioner, Solid Waste Department Head, Town Planner, Assistant Addressing Officer

Irene Ames

Finance  Director, Tax Collector, General Assistance Administrator

Terry Brackett

Code Enforcement Officer, Local Plumbing Inspector & Addressing Office 

Tara Elwell

Office Manager, Deputy Tax Collector, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, Registrar of Voters

Patricia St. Clair

Clerk/Secretary, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, Deputy Tax Collector, Vital Statistics

Magan Wallace

Administrative Assistant, Assessing Clerk, Planning Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, Deputy Town Clerk, Deputy Tax Collector

Ben Vail

Director of Parks and Recreation

Ryan Cline

Harbor Master

Steve Jarrett

Property Maintenance

Select Board and Assessors 

Phone Number

Richard Bates, Chairperson


Randall Elwell


Wayne Sawyer


Van Thompson


Steven Cartwright