Additional Information

Did you know

The following are returnable and can be taken to the Bottle Room

  • #1 PETE plastic orange juice, cranberry juice, grape juice, pomegranate juice, etc. 
  • #1 PETE plastic and metal/aluminum V-8 juice cans 
  • #2 NATURAL plastic orange juice containers
  • #2 NATURAL plastic apple cider containers (for cider not produced in the in Maine).

The following items CANNOT be recycled and should be included in your household garbage

  • Plastic peanut butter containers - The peanut oils left on the plastic container may cause a peanut allergy. Note: Glass peanut butter jars along with plastic containers containing peanuts are recyclable.
  • Prescription drug containers - The residue of the prescription drug that may be on the container.
  • Envelopes with bubble wrap attached to the inside of the envelope.
  • Waxed box containers used for chicken broth, soy milk, rice milk, orange juice, etc.
  • Styrofoam, bubble wrap and foam peanuts

Households can recycle intact CFLs, circline, U-shaped and straight tube bulbs up to 2 feet and over by bringing them to the Transfer Station


Regarding plastic bags, Maine statute (Title 36, §1605) states - A retailer may use plastic bags to bag products at the point of retail sale only if the retailer:

  • Provides a receptacle for collecting any unused plastic bags; and
  • Ensures that the plastic bags collected are recycled or delivered to a person engaged in recycling plastics.

The receptacle should be located inside the retail store or within 20 feet of the main entrance.

In addition to recycling, the Transfer Station supports the REUSE of these items:

  • During the winter months several residents pick the Demo Wood Pile for kindling to take home to burn in their wood stoves and fireplaces. Other residents pickthroughout the year and build picture frames and craft items.

We also support community programs

  • Each month a not-for-profit organization boxes up and returns the returnable glass bottles, metal/aluminum cans and plastic bottles donated by you in the Bottle Room and uses the money they receive for their organization. Interested not-for-profit organizations can sign up at the Town Office.