Trails & Preserves


The Conservation Commission has created and continues to create trails throughout the town in collaboration with George's River Land Trust (GRLT) and Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT).  Please check back here often for trail status updates and new trail activity.

Tips for protecting the trails in town during Mud Season

Start by avoiding the impulse to walk around muddy areas to keep feet dry. Walking on the edges of trails beats down the vegetation, widens the trail and causes damage to both the trail and surrounding environment. Trails that are over saturated are vulnerable to long term damage from soil compaction and erosion with every footstep, making it harder for vegetation to grow and leaving rocks and roots exposed.

Trails that are better for mud season:

  • Meadow Brook
  • Clark island
  • West side of Town Forest to Jones Brook

Trails to avoid during mud season:

  • Fort Point
  • East Side of Town Forest
  • Les Hyde (School)
  • Bamford

Hunting Season

Hunting season has began as of October 1.  Please wear orange blaze when walking the town trails and preserves.  

Jones Brook Trail Closure

The Jones Brook Trail is closed until further notice by landowner request for hunting season and logging operations.  This trail crosses  private property and is only available due to the generosity of the property owners.  Some people have ignored the Closed Posting signs and if this continues, it could result in permanent closure of the trail.  Please respect the property owner request and don't jeopardize continued availability of the trail for all to enjoy. 

During this period try one of the other trails in town as they all remain open. 


Trails & Preserves

  1. Bamford Preserve
  2. Fort Point Trail
  3. High Island Preserve
  4. Jones Brook Trail
  5. Les Hyde Memorial Nature Trail
  6. Meadow Brook Preserve
  7. Town Forest Trail
  8. Clark Island Preserve
  9. Tommy's Island Preserve

Other Trails

If you would like to explore trails outside of St. George, check out our partner's trails at the following links: 

Click here for volunteer opportunities

Click here to email Conservation Commission with trail comments

Be Prepared for Ticks

Please observe the 7 No Trace Principles

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces (no camping except on High Island)
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly (Human and Pet)
  4. Leave What you Find
  5. Reduce Campfire Impacts (Fires Prohibited Except on High island by Permit only)
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Want to Share?

Do you have a great photograph of a town trail that you would like to share?  Click here to send it to the Conservation Commission.  We will be changing out the photographs seasonally and may use one of yours.  Please send jpeg files.