Composition, Eligibility, Election and Term


The Select Board consists of five members nominated and elected at large by the voters of the Town.


Only voters who are at least twenty-one (21) years of age and have been a resident of the Town of St. George for at least one year preceding the filing of nomination papers shall be eligible to hold the office of Select Person and they shall remain a resident of the Town during that term of office.


Members of the Select Board shall be elected by Australian ballot to serve staggered three-year terms. At each Annual Town Meeting, eligible candidates shall be elected to fill the offices of those whose terms expire. Each office will be a separate position when applied for and shall appear on the ballot as such.

Term of Office

The duties of a member of the Select Board shall commence with his/her taking an oath of office and shall terminate with the swearing in of his/her replacement or by the vacating of the office.

No member of the Select Board shall serve more than three (3) consecutive full three-year terms. After eighteen (18) months out of office, former Board members may seek re-election.