Scholarships and Trust funds

The following scholarships are administered through Town Finance.

Wilson Scholarship Fund

The Wilson Scholarship Fund was created in the fall of 2006 to provide scholarships for St. George students in memory of Ruth Wilson, Irene Wilson and James Wilson. Please refer to Wilson Scholarship Fund for criteria and procedures.

Colson Scholarship Fund

In 2010 Ralph "Bud" and Frances Colson set up a trust with the Town to help provide financial assistance to St George students seeking higher education. The income of the fund will be distributed annually. Please refer to the Colson Scholarship Fund for more information.

Clyde and Ina Grant Scholarship Fund

Following the death of Ina Grant in July 1989, her children set up a trust with the Town in memory of their parents. The income of the Fund shall be used to award an annual scholarship to a deserving student to promote his or her higher education at a college or university. Please refer to Clyde and Ina Grant Scholarship Fund for criteria and procedures.

Other Trust Funds - The Town is also the fiduciary agent for the:

  1. Trussell Worthy Poor Fund
  2. Trussell School Fund
  3. Gertrude Andree Fund
  4. Cemetery Perpetual Care funds