Duties of the Conservation Commission

  • Work with elected officials, Planning Board and others to protect the natural resources of the town.
  • Conduct field surveys and maintain an inventory of all publicly and privately owned natural resource open areas within St. George. These include: critical wildlife and marine habitats, wetlands, tree growth forest lands and other places special for their scenic, recreational, historic, ecological or cultural values.
  • Support the town Comprehensive Plan through the development of a Natural Resource Inventory, maps and an Open Space Plan.
  • Manage town conservation lands and enhance public access through the establishment and management of trails, kiosks and parking areas.
  • Acquire conservation lands in the name of St. George with the approval of the Select Board.
  • Support the acquisition of conservation/recreation lands and easements by local land trusts.
  • Develop public education programs and outreach materials to promote sound natural resources management and an awareness of the cultural, historic and ecological assets of the town.
  • Seek public and private funds to offset costs associated with local studies, or land acquisition and management projects.