Comprehensive Plan

The 2013 Comprehensive Plan was adopted in May 2013.

Why have a Comprehensive Plan?

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide long-range continuity for programs requiring more than one year to complete, and to provide benchmarks against which to evaluate community progress toward established goals.

What does the Plan consist of

  1. An Inventory containing factual information about the Town. The material in the inventory consists of text, charts, tables, glossaries, summaries, surveys and other formats as appropriate.
  2. A set of Goals and Policies for the Town of St George. These goals and policies are stated in as clear, unambiguous and precise a manner as possible. They are based on the Town’s heritage and traditions, as shown in the inventory and on the opinions and desires of the residents determined by surveys, hearings and other appropriate sources.
  3. A set of Implementation Strategies for addressing defined problems and pursuing stated goals and policies. Each implementation strategy states the specific action or actions to be taken, a recommendation as to who should be responsible for the action and a time frame in which the action should be taken.

When is the Long Range Plan Revised or Rewritten?

Every five (5) years the Comprehensive Planning Committee shall draft a new or revised Long Range Plan for submission to the Select Board and the voters. Preparation for the revision shall include any necessary information gathering, input from the various Boards and Committees of the Town, and a determination of the desires of the Town through public hearings and other appropriate means.