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Roads and Bridges


Timothy C. Polky, Road Commissioner

Scope of Services

The Town Office is responsible for the maintenance of one bridge (Rackliff Island Causeway) and approximately 30 miles of Town roads.

Route 131 and 73 are State-maintained roads. However, for Route 73 the Town is responsible for the winter maintenance under an agreement with the State, who provides for summer maintenance.

Issues regarding roads should be directed to the Road Commissioner, John M. Falla, at the Town Office during normal business hours.

Service Specific

Road Postings - Heavy Loads Limited

During winter when frost weakens road substructure a vehicle weight restriction may be imposed. Exemptions apply for certain vehicles. Waivers for special circumstances may be obtained from the Select Board. Please contact the Town Office for further information on this subject.

Street Light Problems

Problems or issues regarding street lights should be reported to the town office.  If a repair is required, they will contact the power company.


Road Safety Survey Committee


Update: At the January 13th Select Board meeting, the Road Safety Survey Committee reviewed their recommendations.


The Board agreed with the specified action items and the recommendation that all Port Clyde Village items be completed before the 2014 summer season. 



Following a fatal accident at the Monhegan Boat Line wharf during the summer of 2013 the issue of public safety in Port Clyde village came before the Select Board.  As a result of consultation with the Maine Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) traffic engineer, it was recommended that a Road Safety Survey Committee be created to address the issues.


On September 30, 2013, the Select Board approved the following Charge for the ad hoc committee.


Committee Charge

The Committee will consist of seven (7) members that will include the following:

    • St George Select Board member
    • St George Town Manager
    • St George Road Commissioner
    • St George Harbor Master
    • Local Law Enforcement official
    • Two (2) members from Port Clyde village businesses 

The Committee will be advised and assisted by MDOT’s Traffic Engineer for the Region that includes the Town of St George.


Responsibilities of the Committee will include:

    • Gather and assess information concerning public safety issues that impact the village Port Clyde;
    • Provide to the Select Board within thirty (30) days of their first meeting a report on items being able to be accomplished within both a short and long term time frame, focusing on Port Clyde village, and identifying the appropriate parties responsible for such items and the expected time frame for completion, with identification of any costs attributable to the Town;
    • Provide to the Select Board within sixty (60) days of their first meeting a report on public safety issues that may impact Port Clyde village but also involve other areas of the Town of St George, and may need further study and action by the Select Board for longer term solutions.


Tim Polky Road Commissioner  
Dave Schmanska Harbor Master  
John Falla Town Manager  
Marguerite Cutroni Select Board  
Sheriff Donna Dennison Law Enforcement  
Jim Barstow Monhegan Boat Line  
Jessie Christensen Village Ice Cream  


Dave Allen, ME DOT Traffic Engineer, will provide advice and assistance to the Committee.


Public Input

The Select Board asked for public comment via email - or in other written form - regarding what the public sees as safety issues concerning vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Port Clyde village.  Please submit your comments via email here.  Your input will be provided to the Select Board and the Road Safety Survey Committee. 


As the Select Board member on the Road Safety Survey Committee, Marguerite Cutroni's primary role is to represent the issues and concerns identified by the public.





Documents & Ordinances

Visit the Documents page to view the following:

  • Minimum Road Standards
  • Ten Year Road Plan, 2009–2018
  • Town Roads


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