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Documents and Ordinances

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Reports and Newsletters

Select Board Action Plan Reports

       Action Plan Adopted Apr 28, 2014










Financial Reports

2016 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


2015 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan








2018  Mar/Apr  Jan/Feb


2017  Nov/Dec  Sep/Oct   Jul/Aug

            May/Jun  Mar/Apr Jan/Feb



2016 Nov/Dec Sep/Oct Jul/Aug

          May/Jun Mar/Apr Jan/Feb



2015 Nov/Dec Sep/Oct Jul/Aug

          May/Jun Mar/Apr Jan/Feb





Real Estate Reports (may lag by 3 months)

2017  Dec  Nov Oct  Sep  Aug Jul

           Jun May  Apr Mar Feb Jan


2016 Dec Nov  Oct  Sep  Aug Jul

           Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


2015 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


2014 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

           Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan


2013 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul                                        Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan

2012 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan

2011 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan

2010 Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug  Jul

          Jun May Apr Mar  Feb Jan






Ordinances and Town Government Documents

Service and Department Documents
Board and Committee Documents


  1. Addressing Ordinance
  2. Cable TV Ordinance
  3. Coastal Waters Management Ordinance (Harbor and Waterfront)
  4. Dog Ordinance
  5. Emergency Management Ordinance
  6. Floodplain Ordinance
  7. General Assistance Ordinance
  8. Housing Conversion Ordinance
  9. Minimum Lot Size Ordinance
  10. School Administrative Ordinance
  11. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
  12. Site Plan Review Ordinance
  13. Solid Waste & Recycling Ordinance
  14. Subdivision Ordinance
  15. Wellhead Protection Ordinance

Town Government

  1. Organizational Chart
  2. Select Board Policy Manual updated as of March 19, 2018
  3. Personnel Policy
  4. Town Charter
  5. Town Office and Select Board Directory
  6. Town Fee Schedule

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Solar Project

  1. ReVision Purchase Agreement with the Town of St George


  1. Maine Municipal Association's Assessing Manual

Budget and Finance

  1. FY2019 FINAL Budget (Select Board and Budget Committee) 3/6/2018
  2. 2017-2018 Town Manager's Budget (presented at 2/6/17 Select Board meeting)
  3. 2016-2017 Town Manager's Budget (presented at 2/9/16 Select Board meeting)
  4. 2015-2016 Approved Budget (approved at Town Meeting May 2015)
  5. 2014-2015 Audit Report
  6. 2015-2016 Audit Report

Emergency Services

  1. St. George Emergency Plan
  2. Firefighters' & Ambulance Association Constitution and By-Laws
  3. Fire Department Organization Chart

Harbors and Waterfront

  1. Permit by Rule — Chapter 305
  2. Port Clyde Public Landing Reg
  3. Tenants Harbor Public Landing Reg
  4. Public Access Points Report prepared by CES, Inc, March 07 (10.4 MB file)

Maine Aqua Ventus Project

  1. Project Description
  2. Maine State Law
  3. Department of Energy Project Description
  4. Island Institute Community Benefits Example
  5. Public Hearing Presentation 6/3/2017

Parks and Recreation

  1. Coaching Policy / Procedures
  2. Mission Statement / Core Values / Vision Statement
  3. Problem Solving Policy / Procedures
  4. Youth Sports Schedule
  5. Trail Map for Jones Brook Area (Fort Point, Jones Brook and Town Forest)
  6. Trail Map for For Point
  7. Trail Map for Town Forest

Recycling and Composting

  1. What We Recycle and Fees (pamphlet)  
  2. Composting Pamphlet
  3. What We Compost List
  4. What Happened to Your Recyclables in 2009 (5 page pamphlet)
  5. 2009 Municipal Recycling Report
  6. 2014 Ad Hoc Transfer Station Committee Report

Roads and Bridges

  1. Minimum Road Standards
  2. Ten Year Road Plan, 2009–2018
  3. Town Roads

Scholarships and Trust Funds

  1. Clyde and Ina Grant Scholarship Fund
  2. Wilson Scholarship Fund
  3. Colson Scholarship Fund
  4. Tim Watts Scholarship Fund
  5. History and Summary of Trust Fund

Town Website

  1. Privacy and Disclosure Policy

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Budget Committee

  1. 2016 Budget Committee Concerns
  2. 2015 Budget Committee Concerns
  3. 2014 Budget Committee Concerns
  4. 2015 Budget Committee Report
  5. 2014 Budget Committee Report
  6. 2013 Budget Committee Report

Conservation Commission

  1. Trail Map for Jones Brook Area (Fort Point, Jones Brook and Town Forest)
  2. Trail Map for Fort Point
  3. Trail Map for Town Forest
  4. St. George School Trail Map
  5. Trail Agreement with Georges River Land Trust
  6. Forest Management Plan
  7. Jones Brook and Upper Long Cove Conservation Summary authored by Jane McMahon (8.7 MB file)
  8. Natural Resources Maps July 2015

9. Significant Ecological Areas


10. Alewife Camp/Project 2016

Comprehensive Planning Committee

  1. Comprehensive Plan Survey Results, 2012
  2. Comprehensive Plan, 2013
  3. Comprehensive Planning Committee Procedures
  4. DRAFT Comprehensive Plan 2018

Road Safety Survey Committee

  1. Road Safety Survey Committee Final Report (4.4 MB file)
  2. Road Safety Survey Committee Letter to Select Board, dated January 13, 2014

Town Education Committee

  1. Summer Math Camp Final Report, 2014

  2. St George Summer Math Program Report, 2013
  3. TEC Petition Support Request, Presented to the Select Board on January 28, 2013
  4. TEC Report - Education Options for St. George, updated March 25, 2013.
  5. St George School White Paper, issued March 2012

Town Withdrawal Committee


  1. Withdrawal Agreement between RSU 13 and the Town of St George - FINAL (File Size 4.7 MB)

  2. Complete series of FAQs.
  3. Focusing on curriculum and instructional issues, July 15 (File Size 2.4 MB)
  4. Pro Forma FY15 St. George Municipal School Unit (StGMSU) Budget
  5. RSU 40 Tuition Contract
  6. 5-Town Tuition Contract
  7. School Administrative Ordinance
  8. Public Hearing on Withdrawal
  9. Proposed Withdrawal Agreement, presented on November 22

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